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A welcome from Anabel Hoult

Our CEO: ‘I’m really pleased you’ll be joining us soon!’




Welcome to Which?.

Despite the fact you will be joining us remotely please be assured that we are fully prepared for you becoming a new colleague. We will ensure that you will have all the tools and technologies that you require.

You’re joining us at a really exciting time as the need for a strong and independent Which? is greater than ever. In a world where the digital revolution has put billions of products and services at our fingertips, but where unscrupulous sellers and fraudsters respect no rules or borders, consumers need our trusted testing, research and advice more than ever.


We care about what matters to people, whether that’s getting rid of dangerous home appliances, support for victims of bank transfer scams or calling out fake reviews of dodgy products. We’ve successfully campaigned on all these issues and we’ll continue to stand up for consumers on the issues they care about. 


Of course we work hard, but we know how important the environment and community you work in is too. When we return to our offices our weekly free breakfast and lunch gives people a chance to relax and chat over a healthy meal. Teams regularly socialise after work with free drinks, and our active social committee makes sure there’s always something fun to look forward to. Our ever-popular Feel Good programme makes sure our people have tools, resources and opportunities to look after all aspects of their wellbeing. 


Which? is unique and that’s down to our amazing people. I look forward to you joining us and I hope you enjoy your first few weeks at Which?. 




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