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Our values

We try to incorporate our values into everything we do.

Our values are a reflection of what makes a great day at Which? and bring us together as an organisation:




We care

We care about what matters to people. We take pride in the important work we deliver:

  • Actively listen to people and encourage feedback.
  • Treat people respectfully, creating a positive and inclusive environment.
  • Go out of your way to find time for, and help others.
  • Put the interests of consumers/members first.
  • Share and recognise success.






We're rigorous

We're thorough, focused, committed in everything we do:

  • Take responsibility for your work and take pride in what you do.
  • Challenge assumptions and seek out different perspectives.
  • Make evidence based decisions.
  • Produce high quality work.
  • Look for ways to make continuous improvements.





We're brave

We speak up for what we believe is right. We ask the difficult questions and uncover the answers:

  • Challenge the status quo by asking the questions or speaking up.
  • Take the initiative to find solutions and try new things.
  • Constructively stand up for your beliefs on what is right for consumers/members and colleagues.
  • Encourage giving and receiving honest feedback.
  • Trust others to do a great job, empowering your colleagues.





We make it happen

Using our insight, we make things better for people in the rights time in the right way:

  • Deliver on your promises and your goals.
  • Show perseverance and resilience by working through blockers to deliver outcomes.
  • Look for ways in which you can make things better.
  • Deliver positive outcomes and positive change.
  • Take the initiative to ensure what you are doing aligns to the Which? goals and ambitions.





We're connected

We're a community. We listen to each other and the outside world and share skills, experience and knowledge to deliver work we are proud of:

  • Gain insight from other’s perspectives - internal and external.
  • Work collaboratively across Which?, building and using a network of contacts.
  • Proactively share your knowledge and insight.
  • Work in a way that builds trust and strong relationships.
  • Invite others to test your thinking.







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