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Our locations

Hopefully at some point you will get to visit our other offices. In the meantime see below for a brief summary of each office.



  • Centrally situated next to Regents Park, our beautiful London office was renovated in 2017 to create a vibrant space for collaboration. 
  • Our London office has its own canteen and roof terrace which is a great spot for lunch in the Summer.  In addition to that we also have our own private section in Regents Park.
  • Our London office is the home of our Publishing, Editorial, Digital, Policy and Campaigns, Public Markets and support teams.
  • Our London office address is: 2 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 4DF.



  • We opened our brand new Cardiff office in September 2018 and is home to our Members Service Centre known as MSC.
  • Our Cardiff office delivers a first class customer service to our members and houses our customer experience team.
  • Our Cardiff office is a few minutes walk from Wales’s Capital City with a wide variety of shops and places to eat and attractions including Cardiff Castle.
  • Our Cardiff office address is: 3 Capital Quarter, Tyndall St, Cardiff, CF10 4BE.



  • Located in the heart of Bristol’s busy shopping district our Bristol office houses the majority of our commercial function including Trusted Traders and Which? Legal Services. 
  • Our Bristol office is a few minutes walk from Cabot Cirus shopping centre where you are spoilt for places to shop and eat.
  • Our Bristol office address is: 4th Floor, One Castle Park, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JA.


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