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Click or tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-right of your screen to open the main menu/table of contents. This icon is always visible whether you're using a computer, tablet or smartphone. The menu will open on top of the page you’re on. Click on any section title to visit that section. Click the cross at any time to close the table of contents.


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On some images you'll see a blue double-ended arrow icon. Clicking or tapping on this will expand the picture so you can see more detail. Click or tap on the blue cross to close the expanded image.

Where we think a group of images will be most useful to you, we've grouped them together in an image gallery. Simply use the blue left and right arrows to scroll through the carousel of pictures.



If you see a word or phrase that's bold and dark blue, you can click or tap on it to find out more. The relevant website will open in a new tab.



If you see a word or phrase underlined, click or tap on the word and small window will pop up with a short explanation. Close this pop-up by clicking or tapping the cross in the corner.



On a computer, you'll see a question mark icon in the top-right of your screen. On a smartphone or tablet this is visible when you open the menu (see above).

Clicking or tapping on the question mark will open this user guide. It opens on top of the page you're on and you can close it any time by clicking or tapping the cross in the top-right corner.

Our purpose and mission

Our advice helps people make informed decisions. Our campaigns tackle consumer detriment to make everyone's lives fairer, more simple and safer. Our services and products put consumers' needs first, to bring them better value.


To help us remain steadfast in making consumers more powerful, we identified a three-year mission to become the pre-eminent force driving positive impact for and with UK consumers by 2022. But we recognised that we needed to make some changes as an organisation to get there, so we agreed on five key shifts:

1. Coordinated proactive and reactive interventions that deliver meaningful impact for and with consumers.

2. Coherent and irresistible value propositions that grow key audiences and legitimacy.

3. A values-led organisation focused on delivering impact.

4. Be supported by a sustainable business model.

5. One coherent strategy, one sustainable growth plan.


More on our impact areas and our objectives can be found here

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